Q-linx provides an end-to-end electronic product design, consulting and production support to several industries. We provide Schematic & PCB Design, Electronic Product Design or simply Design Consulting services. Q-linx is also a designer and producer of production and test equipment for commercial and IOT industries.   


Do you have a high-level idea of what you want and only need schematics and PCB layout? We can help you realize your idea and produce schematics and PCB layout in a timely manner. Once we have a product conception and specification, we will gather requirements draft a top-level design. Once completed, reviewed and discussed, schematics and multi-layer PCB layouts are completed for prototype construction and testing. Client receives final schematics, layouts, test results and working prototype. Contact us to get started.


We help build your product from an initial idea to a final product.  We will do everything including schematic design, PCB layout, enclosure design and compliance testing and everything in between. This turnkey approach includes the same services we provide under Schematic and PCB Design, but further includes enclosure design, compliance testing (FCC, CE, UL etc..) production ready Bill of Materials with component sourcing and price information. We are your go-to team for digital and electronic product design.


You have the engineers in house, but need help or consulting services only on an hourly basis or project basis to complete your project? No problem, we are here to help! You can trust us to provide and support your design team with the right industry knowledge and advice when designing your product. Leveraging our many years of electronic design experience on many projects across the Utility, Telecom and IOT industries can be your competitive advantage.